Carol Dudley

About Carol Dudley

Carol Dudley is the Founder, Managing Broker and President of NobleGate Realty. She is a NONE-COMPETE Broker and spends all of her time supporting and caring about her team. Her drive to serve, never give up and treat all people with class and respect is what has fueled the creation of NobleGate. 

After years of experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly in the industry, Carol wanted to create a company that sets a new standard of luxury five-star service. Not only that but Carol is building a culture that puts people before profit, with long lasting healthy relationships. She understands that if you put people first, money will always follow, and if you fully invest in people, people will fully invest in you. 

We are setting a new bar of luxury service and professional care for our realtors as well as the clients that choose NobleGate. We over deliver on expectations and create an experience that is long overdue in the industry.