NobleGate Way


NobleGate is… a luxury real estate group that is known for its ‘royal service’. NobleGate provides exceptional care to its realtors and its clients, always putting people before profit and delivering excellent results.

We exist to… bring people back to the forefront of the real estate industry and serve them better than anyone else.


People First - People are the sole reason we are in business. In every scenario, we put serving people before everything and anything.

Care - We truly care about others wellbeing. Clients, colleagues, partners, friends, and strangers alike, we interact with everyone knowing that we all have challenges and we all have a chance to make someone’s day better.  …to make a positive impact on someone’s day.

Selfless Integrity - The golden rule rings true with us and we honor what is morally right even when the judgment doesn’t work in our favor.

A Touch of Class - We treat clients and colleagues with the highest quality of service, holding them in the best regard. Presenting ourselves in the best way possible with strong ethical conduct, being courteous and accountable. We add a little extra panache to every interaction because nothing is ever too much trouble.

Trust - Our definition of trust is consistency over time. We show up over and over again confident in our ability to make positive change by always standing true to our values.

Founder, Culture & Story

Carol Dudley is the Founder, Managing Broker and President of NobleGate Realty. Her drive to serve, never give up, and treat all people with class and respect is what has fueled the creation of NobleGate.

After years of experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly in the industry, Carol wanted to create a company that sets a new standard of luxury five-star service. Not only that, Carol is building a culture that puts people before profit, with long lasting healthy relationships. She understands that if you put people first, money will always follow, and if you fully invest in people, people will fully invest in you.

NobleGate Is/Isn’t

Is exceptional/ isn’t ordinary

Is caring / isn’t transactional

Is an overachiever/ isn’t a time waster

Is pleasantly surprising/ isn’t boring and standard

Is classy and organized/ isn’t common and frantic

Is panache and style/ isn’t clunky and boring

Is beautiful and gracious/ isn’t grumpy and stuck up

Is fun and loving/ isn’t set in their ways

Is hard working and hungry/ isn’t lazy and entitled

Is valued, principled and intentional/ isn’t off the cuff, slippery and dishonest

Are givers/ aren’t takers